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Plant Notebook
Rhododendron A-Z

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Rh. 'Queen Elizabeth II'
Rh. 'Queen Elizabeth II'
Pale yellow, primrose coloured flowers carried in a truss of 10-12. Vigorous plant to about 2.0m+. Similar to its parent 'Crest'. (October)

Rh. 'Rainbow'
Rh 'Rainbow'
White flowers edged with deep pink in a loose truss. Foliage is long and glossy, on an upright plant growing to 2.0m+. (October)

Rh. 'Razorbill'
Rh. 'Razorbill'
The upward looking, pointed, rose-pink flowers on this low growing rhododendron are unusual and attractive. Deep green, crinkled leaves. Compact plant that is wider than it is tall, growing to about 0.5-0.6m. (September-October)

Rh. 'Reve Rose'
Rh 'Reve Rose'
A loose truss of about five rose coloured flowers on a neat and compact plant. Offspring of and more reliable than 'Bow Bells', it is also deeper in colour. Grows to about 0.7m. (September)

R. 'Roza Stevenson'
Rh. 'Roza Stevenson'
A lovely yellow rhododendron with lemon-yellow flowers, deeper in the centre, held in a truss of 10-12. An upright plant to 2.0m, with mid-green leaves that can be affected by chlorosis. (October)

Rh. 'Rubicon'
Rh. 'Rubicon'
A New Zealand hybrid, with brilliant deep red flowers, spotted with black, carried in a truss of 17-18. The leaves are dark green, shiny, and have prominent ribbing on a plant has a good habit. Grows to about 1.5-1.8m. (October)

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