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Plant Notebook - Rhododendrons
Rhododendrons in Spring

Spring is rhododendron time. The amazing mass of blooms, the fragrance, the range of colours, flower form and texture simply take your breath away.

The heavy, simple flowers of 'Lady Dorothy Ella' and species such as R. nuttallii vie for attention with fire-engine red 'Tupare' and the huge flower-heads on the large leaved species such as R. macabeanum, R. grande and R. sinogrande.

Petite plants such as 'September Snow' have all but finished their flowering but the wonderful mounds of R. yakushimanum and its many hybrids, as well as other prostrate and low-growing hybrids, such as 'Creamy Chiffon', hug the ground in mounds and rivers of colour. These smaller plants are ideal for smaller gardens or the front of the border.

Do go to one of the Rhododendron festivals and learn more about these fascinating plants, head out onto the garden trials and explore the myriad ways in which gardeners incorporate and celebrate this very diverse plant.

Rhododendron Care

Notes and advice on caring for your rhododendrons in spring, from deadheading to weeding.

And for those lucky enought to be able to grow the woderful vireya rhododednrons, advice on planting and care

Scented R. nuttallii

Scented R. nuttallii

Rhododendron Index

The rhododendron family encompasses a huge range an number of species, including azaleas and vireyas, and even more hybrids. There are an almost impossible number of hybrids to choose from, and all to often we are beguiled by a sunny day and lovely bloom.

We have compiled a listing of well over a hundred hybrids, and a handful of species and vireya rhododendrons for you in our Rhododendron Index.

Watch this list grow over the coming months and enjoy!

Deciduous Azaleas

Mollis Azalea

Mollis Azalea

The deciduous azaleas provide brilliant colour in the late spring garden. For lovers of hot colours there are brilliant corals, orange, and clear Naples yellow. And pastels in abundance.

Not as popular with gardeners as they once were, the deciduous azalea can find in place in many garden schemes and is almost unrivalled for that spring burst of pure, joyous colour. Watch for Azaleas later this season.

Rhododendron profiles and photos, select from below

R. cubittii var. 'Ashcombe Pink'

R. cubittii var. 'Ashcombe Pink'

Thank You!
A big thank you to The Old Stables Nursery for the photographs in our Rhododendron Index
Visit The Old Stables Nursery at Haskets Road, Christchurch or contact them on (3) 342 7312

Rh. 'Creamy Chiffon' - click for more rhododendrons

Rh. 'Creamy Chiffon'

A very special, double hybrid bred in New Zealand, 'Creamy Chiffon' has attractive foliage and pure yellow flowers open from red buds.

See 'Creamy Chiffon' and lots of other rhododendrons in our index here

Species Rhododendrons

Rh. macabeanum

Rhododendron macabeanum

The foliage and flowers of the larger species rhododendrons make a dramatic statement in the garden.

Rh. macabeanum (above) is one of the biggest and the best for the garden, read our feature on this amazing plant.

See also our pages reviewing some of the many lovely and desirable species rhododendrons, both large and small, available commercially.

Vireya Rhododendrons

Very different from their more temperate climate cousins, the vireyas are lovely nad long flowering rhododednrons suitable for those in the wamer areas of New Zealand, or those who can provide a suitable greenhouse or conservatiory environment.

Advice on growing these speical rhododendrons, and photos for you to enjoy.

Rh. Buttermaid - click here for more

Rh. 'Buttermaid'
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