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Kids Pages
Especially for kids. Because gardening is not just a grown-up activity, it is for kids too.

The garden is a wonderful place to explore - discover about seeds sprouting, the life cycle of plants, seasonal cycles- not to mention all those great creepy-crawlies and bugs that Mum does not want to get to know!

It's still warm and great to be outside. So what to do over a long weekend?

If you fancy a bug hunt, do look out for butterflies - monarchs, red and yellow admirals and small pretty copper and blue butterflies in the garden.

Or, even more fun, you can plan and have your own easter egg hunt. At our house the Easter bunny leaves eggs out in the early morning - but you can help him along with a grownup to help out. See our Easter Egg Hunt ideas opposite.

Make Your Own Gift Paper

Great patterns, great gift paperLimited edition wrapping paper is a great way to make any gift special. You can make your own wrapping paper easily, using your fabulous leaf shapes from the garden. There are some fantastic autumn colours around now, get out and find your all-time favourites.

Growing Bulbs
It is fun to pick great bunches of golden daffodils and bright tulips. You can grow bulbs in the garden or in a pot. It's easy and it's fun.

Can't wait for spring!

Bulb Works
Bulbs are an incredible storage machine, see our amazing facts about bulbs, how they go underground to escape the summer heat and where those gorgeous flowers spring from.

Bugs and Butterflies

Bugs and Butterflies If you want gorgeous monarch butterflies in your garden then planting a Swan plant is a great way to start.

A Bug Count is one way of finding out just how many bugs live in your garden or local park. It will also tell you how many different bugs are there, and you can begin to see how they live together in this special habitat.

Going on a Bug Hunt
Happy Gardening, Guys! More Great Projects for You to Try!

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