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Nature's garden

Our gardens are part of a larger environment- we look at conservation efforts, how we can continue these within our own gardens and as a volunteer.

We share our gardens with all sorts of creatures and in these pages we look at ways we can encourage more wildlife and insects into our gardens

Project Crimson
Project Crimson was set up to rescue one of our most beautiful native trees- the rata and pohutukawa, members of the genus Metrosideros. There are 12 species native to New Zealand, of which six are trees.

Each summer the bright crimson flowers of the pohutukawa and rata signal the arrival of Christmas and

Pohutukawa flower
'Metrosideros excelsus'

Trees for Canterbury
Started in the backyards of its founder members in 1990, Trees for Canterbury give away a tremendous number of plants each year to promote reforestation and planting of native trees in their region.

Natives for Your Garden
There are so many garden-worthy native you can grow in yourarden. Our Native Plant Pages have loads to choose from.

Tecomanthe speciosa
Tecomanthe speciosa

Evergreen Soil Conservation Limited
Conventional Grass Seeding New Zealand

Evergreen Soil Conservation Limited is New Zealand's foremost hydroseeding re-vegetation company. Hydroseeding services assist with soil dust suppression and the company offers a straw mulch service for sediment control. Erosion control mat (the Evergreen Bio Mat) is suitable for difficult sites and along with tractor grass seeding they also provide a native plant landscaping service. For sites with underlying structural issues the company can work in conjunction with consultants to provide an engineered environmental solution.

More Nature's Garden

Plant Pests
Some introduced plants so enjoy our climate and soils that they rapidly begin to spread, swamping more desirable plants and, in particular, indigenous species.

Plant PestsWe've all brought home a 'lovely little plant' only to find it trying to take over the garden! encourage you to learn which plants have been declared pests and to garden responsibly.
See the special review on climbing plants that have proved their potential to smother more desirable and native vegetation and bush.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Gardens are critical to maintaining bird populations

Gardens are critical to maintaining bird populations as native bush that provided food sources, nest sites and shelter have diminished and the numbers of birds with them.

When you are out in the garden, take a look at the birds there, for they are there, whatever the season. And look at ways to attract birds to your garden - planting, habitats and more

Otari-Wilton's Bush, Wtgn

The 'Home Lawn', Otari-Wilton's Bush

Otari-Wilton's Bush, Wellington, NZ

Otari-Wilton's Bush is a unique garden. A botanical garden created for the collection of New Zealand native plants it is only ten minutes from downtown Wellington it offers a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of city streets. A huge pohutukawa tree by the car park gives a very New Zealand flavour to this special and very beautiful garden.

We have an indepth review of this unique and important garden, including lots of photos.

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