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Succulents for the Contemporary Garden

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Succulents for the Contemporary Garden
Yvonne Cave (Random House 2002)

Don't be fooled by the title into thinking this is a design book. It isn't, but it is the most comprehensive book available on succulents and related plants commercially obtainable in New Zealand. This is the book that will take you beyond 'the red one', as Yvonne Cave so succinctly puts it, into knowing the names and the cultural conditions needed for your growing succulent collection.

An introductory section provides the background for the book, as well as advice on growing and enjoying succulents in the garden. A book for the enthusiast, there are listed succulents that you had never dreamed existed.

Yvonne Cave approaches her subject in a practical way, taking the reader through cultivation and uses of plants. Plants are easy to find, listed alphabetically and with simply loads of photographs. She tells of successes and failures and helps the reader to make choices when selecting plants for the garden.

A tad pricey for any but real enthusiasts but if you are interested in growing succulents and other drought resistant plants, or you simply enjoy the look of these fascinating plants, this is the book for you.

(Recommended Retail NZ$39.95)
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