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Colour in the Garden

The first impression in a garden is colour

Whether you prefer a riot of colour or careful harmonies, you need to consider and think about colour in your garden.

Colour Themed Gardens
It's almost everyone's favourite colour, yet it can be hard to handle in the garden, dispappearing just when you want impact.

Using Blue, getting the most in the garden from this most desirable colour.

Classic Blue

Classic Blue

Pretty in Pink

A vastly under-valued colour pink is soothing, restful and a positive colour, despite its insipid image!

Pink can be a pale pastel or deep rose, even shocking. Take another look at Pink

Pink - a positive colour

Pink - a positive colour

Books on Colour
Colour by Design - Sandra and Nori Pope
Gardening with Light and Colour by Marylyn Abbott
The Bold and Brilliant Garden by Sarah Raven

Perhaps the most famous colour garden of all
Sissinghurst's White Garden

The White Garden, Sissinghurst Castle

Understanding Colour

Understanding how colour affects the viewer and how we can manipulate it in the border brings a whole new repertoire to the gardener.

The colour rules that help when you are planning your garden. Not rules to be followed, for rules are made to be broken, especially in our gardens where we must all follow our own star and make our own choices.

Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel

Hot Colour Gardens

Blocks of bright yellow, red and even orange, once the last colour any gardener of taste and discernment wanted in their garden, is back in favour again.

Tropical plants and their flamboyant colours make hot colour gardens ideal for use in the warmer areas of New Zealand. How to heighten the impact of hot colours and make a dazzling impression.

Brilliant Singing Colour
Brilliant Singing Colour

More Garden Design

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